Generate an audio file with OpenAI TTS


npx @lukasbach/scripts openai/tts

You can call the script directly if you have installed it globally:

npm i -g @lukasbach/scripts
ldo openai/tts


  • [0]: Text to convert to speech
  • [1]: Output file prefix


  • --token, -t: OpenAI API Token
  • --model, -m: TTS Model
  • --voice: Voice
  • -v, --verbose: Verbose logging

You can also omit options, and will be asked for them interactively.

Add --yes to skip all confirmations.

Script source

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/** Generate an audio file with OpenAI TTS */

import path from "path";
import OpenAI from "openai";

const apiKey = (await fs.readFile("./openai-token.txt", "utf-8")) || (await ask.text("t,token", "OpenAI API Token"));

const openai = new OpenAI({ apiKey });

const input = await ask.text("_", "Text to convert to speech");
const cleanedInput = input.replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/g, "_");
const prefix = path.resolve(await ask.text("_", "Output file prefix", "speech"));
const speechFile = `${prefix}_${cleanedInput}.mp3`;

const mp3 = await openai.audio.speech.create({
  model: await ask.choice("m,model", "TTS Model", ["tts-1", "tts-1-hd"], "tts-1-hd"),
  voice: await ask.choice("voice", "Voice", ["alloy", "echo", "fable", "onyx", "nova", "shimmer"]),
const buffer = Buffer.from(await mp3.arrayBuffer());
await fs.writeFile(speechFile, buffer);
// append to text file

if (fs.existsSync("./results.txt")) {
  await fs.appendFile("./results.txt", `${speechFile}: ${input}\n`);