Scaffolds a new React app with Vite.


npx @lukasbach/scripts init/react-app

You can call the script directly if you have installed it globally:

npm i -g @lukasbach/scripts
ldo init/react-app


  • [0]: Repository name
  • [1]: What is the name of the project?


  • --push: Do you want to push local changes as initial commit?
  • --git: Do you want to initialize a github repository?
  • -v, --verbose: Verbose logging

You can also omit options, and will be asked for them interactively.

Add --yes to skip all confirmations.

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/** Scaffolds a new React app with Vite. */

const projectName = await ask.text("_", "What is the name of the project?", "my-app");

await $`yarn create vite ${projectName} --template react-ts`;
await utils.cd(projectName);

if (fs.existsSync("package-lock.json")) {
  await fs.remove("package-lock.json");

await utils.runScript("node/yarn-nodemodules");
await utils.runScript("node/volta");

if (await ask.confirm("Do you want to use eslint with my default config?")) {
  await utils.node.removeDependencies(
    "@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin @typescript-eslint/parser eslint-plugin-react-hooks eslint-plugin-react-refresh"
  await fs.unlink(".eslintrc.cjs");

  await utils.runScript("node/setup-eslint", { rule: "@lukasbach/base/react" });

await utils.node.amendPackageJson({
  scripts: { start: "vite" },

await utils.runScript("github/setup-node-verify-action");
await utils.runScript("node/normalize-package-json");

if (await ask.bool("git", "Do you want to initialize a github repository?")) {
  await utils.runScript("github/create-from-local");